Summer Art Camp

August 21-25

Age 8-13
Monday-Friday 11am-3:30pm

We will be drawing, painting, using ink + charcoal, architectural model building, and designing a collaborative project. This camp is all about summer in the city: an exploration of materials, ideas, and elevating young voices in our neighborhood.  This is a foundational art class, beginners and advanced young artists welcomed!

$350 + taxes and materials fee

By appointment (coming soon)


We believe in process and all the in-between, unglamorous tasks[1] that entails.

Practice Space’s classes are founded on progressive and experience-based pedagogies. Our goal is to guide you (or your child) in developing your individual practice of making and thinking as a means to better understand yourself and your surroundings.

Through classes at Practice Space, children gain tools for self-expression, looking at the world critically, and how they can have a role in making a difference in the world.  Children become empowered to think for themselves and question assumptions by working though creative problem solving and visual thinking. They develop useful non-verbal communication skills and methods of intuitive processing. With these tools, children become better aware of their environment and participating members of their community.

[1] Sternfeld, Nora. Unglamorous Tasks: What can Education learn from its political Traditions? 2010