We invite early and mid-career working artists and thinkers from across the cultural fields to make new work, show existing work, lead workshops and ask site specific questions.

At Practice Space we ask a lot of questions of artists. How can collaboration and conversation expand your practice?  How can experimenting with color and unfamiliar materials change your approach to your current practice? Can you be challenged and frustrated and nurtured all at the same time? and can this move your practice in a new direction?

Invited artists join us in our space to make work, think together through ideas, and experiment with the concept of small business as art form. Our visiting artist program is individualized in terms of longevity, outcome, public engagement, and exhibition platform. We have chosen this flexible structure in response to a field that is constantly changing. When an artist is invited to Practice Space, we support them through constructive feedback, access to our workspace, a small stipend, and the opportunity to engage with our diverse community.

We approach our physical space as an installation that changes with our research topics, and is influenced by visiting artists, both local and international. Contemporary art occurs in the space in a variety of exhibition platforms. If you’re interested in being one of our visiting artists, please fill out THIS form.