A storefront research studio for art and design.

Practice Space is a storefront for art, design, and research located in Inman Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are an artist-run space that is part of a movement of people experimenting with storefronts as galleries, as schools, as studios, museums and community centers. By doing our work in a storefront, we are committing to making both meaning and the creative process part of everyday life in our neighborhood. As an independent artist-run space, all of our funding comes directly from our community - no foundations, no grants, no sponsors. 

At Practice Space you’ll find:

A retail shop
A making/thinking art studio
Exhibition spaces for artists and other cultural practitioners
A place to read, drink tea, have a conversation

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This season's research question: How Do We Preserve Our Most Precious Memories? 

We call Practice Space a research studio because we are always asking questions.  
This fall, our research question is, "How do we preserve our most precious memories?"  
This question was asked by our April Artist-in-Residence, Tara Lisa Foley as she repurposed the 1960s green canvas travel bags of her parents into a pair of shoes for herself. Our research question informs installations in the space, public programs, and our retail.