A storefront research studio for the messy, critical, beautiful, hard work of living

Practice Space is a storefront for art, design, and research located in Inman Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are a for-profit, artist-run space that is part of a movement of people experimenting with storefronts as galleries, as schools, as studios, museums and community centers. By doing our work in a storefront, we are committing to making both meaning and the creative process part of everyday life in our neighborhood. And as a for-profit business, all of our funding comes directly from customers and our community - no foundations, no grants, no sponsors. 

At Practice Space you’ll find:

A retail shop
A making/thinking art studio
Exhibition spaces for artists and other cultural practitioners
A place to read, drink tea, have a conversation

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This season's research question: How can wonder make our city better?

We call Practice Space a research studio because we are always asking questions.  
This spring, our research question is, "How can wonder make our city better?"  
It guides our retail collection and the creative prompts we share when you visit, 
and the plans we make with our visiting artists.