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Diana Lempel is Co-Founder and the Research Directrix of Practice Space. She oversees our in-house research agenda - crafting questions and building our seasonal reading lists, and spearheading the front end of long-term projects and business development, including client work, public programs, and publications.  Diana’s creative work investigates the interactions between narrative, the rhythms of time and sense of place.  Diana is the Doing History Curator of the Cambridge Historical Society and runs the Our Riverside program at the Cambridge Community Center, one of Practice Space’s first projects.  Currently Diana is pursuing a PhD in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning from Harvard University, where she also received a MUP in Urban Planning and Design.  Learn more about her past work at



Nicole Lattuca is Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Practice Space. Nicole is responsible for the Visiting Artist program - curatorial platforms- installations - physical environments-public programs- progressive pedagogy- and events. In her public programming she designs spaces for experimenting with art materials and the processing of ideas. Nicole has been an artist-in-residence at Fogo Island Arts,The Banff Centre for Art, and Santa Fe Art Institute. Nicole was the Curator of Educational and Public Programs at the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal. Nicole holds an M.A. in Exhibition and Museum Studies from San Francisco Art Institute. See more of her work here:


Alexandra Jane Williams is an Artist / Designer / Producer. Originally from San Francisco, she started her career as a hand bookbinder. She co-founded and remains a part of Open Windows Cooperative, a community Letterpress and Bookbinding studio / gallery, and worked on Airbnb’s creative marketing team where she produced events and co-founded the Common Studio - a creative space / screen printing studio for employees. To learn more about her personal practice, visit; to learn more about Open Windows Cooperative, visit