A storefront research studio for art and design.

Practice Space is a storefront for art, design, and research located in Inman Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts. We are an artist-run space that is part of a movement of people experimenting with storefronts as gallery, school, studio, museum and community center. By doing our work in a storefront, we are committing to being transparent about the process and labor of creativity. As an independent artist-run space, all of our funding comes directly from our community. As a business, we are committed to sustainability - financial, emotional, physical, and environmental - and to making a space in the economy for our work and values.

At Practice Space you’ll find:

Our design studio

A shop with useful objects made by artists and designers

Visiting artists and other cultural practitioners

Our library of books and zines


Thursday 12-7

Friday 12-7

Saturday 11-7

This season's research question: "What is the Idea of North?"


We call Practice Space a research studio because we are always asking questions.  

This winter, our research question is, "What is the Idea of North?"  

Through this question we look at the fictional and romanticized ideas of north alongside the realities of climate change and current political actions impacting our environment.

At the space right now:

an exhibition by Isabel Beavers who travelled the Arctic.

a selection of newspaper clippings and a small browsing library of books

research/artwork/contributions from the public on the topic

a color palette inspired by the northern lights