We approach all projects from these convictions, based on our past research and experience:  


. people love looking at and talking about images and stories of their shared past; this is the foundation for creating a strong shared future


. parties and children and fun are essential for a thriving sense of community; engaging all generations is essential for sustaining stewardship  


. good design and strong aesthetic decisions make every project better because they tell people that they are valued and indicate care and attention for a place


. collaborative design and research processes create community and support strong final outcomes because people are listened to and are invested in the project


. places are not places until they are used.  good place-based programming and site design both responds to how people already use places and creates new ways of imagining those places


. special events are separate in place and time from everyday life – they allow people to step back and look at things differently, to make new meanings, to measure the passage of time


. repetition in everyday life creates meaning from use


. understanding the assets and meaning of a community through research are essential for producing good design and good places for that community


. the value of programs and events isn’t always apparent until they have been completed and are viewed in retrospect – the feeling of “We were part of something”

. successful programming either takes place where people already are, in their daily lives, or creates “signpost” moments of energy