We met on a tiny island off the island of Newfoundland, Canada in 2014.  Diana's research interest in how communities tied to natural resources are navigating the transition to the 21st century creative economy led her and her husband Brian to take a plane, ferry, and car to Fogo Island. Nicole arrived to Fogo Island after three years living and working in Montreal. She began her six month artist residency with Fogo Island Arts in January 2014 and finalized her mobile schoolhouse project in October 2014. Fogo Island: its questions of craft, geology, tourism, architecture and local knowledge, will frequently make an appearance in the studio recognizing the special place where our collaboration first sparked. 

Practice Space is founded by

Diana Lempel


Diana Lempel is a Co-Founder and Principal of Practice Space. Her work investigates the interactions between narrative, the rhythms of time and sense of place.  Diana is the Doing History Curator of the Cambridge Historical Society and was the 2014 Mass Humanities Scholar-in-Residence for the New Bedford Working Waterfront Festival.  Currently Diana is pursuing a PhD in Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning from Harvard University, where she also received a MUP in Urban Planning and Design.



Nicole Lattuca

Nicole Lattuca is a Co-Founder and Principal of Practice Space. In her public programming she designs spaces for experimenting with art materials and the processing of ideas. Nicole has been an artist-in-residence at Fogo Island Arts,The Banff Centre for Art, and Santa Fe Art Institute. From 2010-2013 Nicole was the Curator of Educational and Public Programs at the CCA in Montreal. Nicole holds an M.A. in Exhibition and Museum Studies from San Francisco Art Institute.   

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